The following table indicates how we schedule internal events, and the proposed dates for the next two seasons.

Our calendar runs from the start of April (start of the playing season) through to the next March (AGM).

Dates are provisional. We aim for them to become fixed two months before the start of season.


Event Schedule 25-26 Calendar 26-27 Calendar
Start of Season 1st Saturday in April 5th April 2025 4th April 2026
Spring Cup Finals 1st Monday in May 5th May 2025 4th May 2026
Bowls Drive 2nd Saturday in June 14th June 2025 13th June 2026
Presidents vs Captains Last Monday in August 25th August 2025 31st August 2026
Charity Bowls Drive 1st Saturday in September 6th September 2025 5th September 2026
Finals Weekend 3rd Weekend in September 20th-21st September 2025 19th-20th September 2026
Season Ends 1st Sunday in October 5th October 2025 4th October 2026
Annual Dinner 3rd Friday in November 21st November 2025 20th November 2026
Whist Drive 1st Saturday in December 6th December 2025 5th December 2026
Skittles Evening 2nd Saturday in January 11th January 2026 10th January 2027
Quiz Night 3rd Saturday in February 15th February 2026 21st February 2027
AGM 3rd Wednesday in March 19th March 2026 18th March 2027