Welcome To Weoley Hill Bowling Club

We are a Crown Green Bowling club founded by the Cadbury family, and located in the Bournville Village Trust area of southwest Birmingham. Our focus is mainly on social bowling, although we do run two teams in the SouthWest Birmingham Over-60's league, and play competitive "friendlies" against several local clubs through the season.

Crown green bowls is a sport for all ages. It will help to improve your physical and mental well-being. It provides gentle exercise in the fresh air, whilst requiring some degree of concentration. And it’s a social sport: you can chat while you play.

You don’t need to have played before. Most members have joined our club as complete beginners, and have quickly become proficient with guidance from our qualified coaches. We are always happy to develop the potential of those who want to progress further to play at league standard. You will always find members ready to provide advice and encouragement on your bowls journey.

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